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Posted by Lizzie Daly | Wed, 16 Sep 2020

Hello all!

Lizzie Daly here. I am a biologist & wildlife TV broadcaster who like you has been trying to make the most of my time during lock down and finding new ways to connect with nature (plus trying to find new ways of getting my GOLD YSA!!!!)

Like me you may have had the rare opportunity to look a little closer at the life all around you…. Whether that’s checking out the bees in your garden, listening out to the birds or going on a local walk. Isn’t our wildlife fantastic! As part of my series on Earth Live Lessons I wanted to celebrate that so why not watch these live lessons and download the worksheets to go along with to learn more about some of the fantastic nature on our doorstep!!

Earth Live Lesson links

FUNGI with Ali the Fungi-guy

EGG CASE HUNT with the Sharks Trust

URBAN WILDLIFE with Elliot Newton from the Wildlife Trust


Worksheet Links

Question sheet

Answer sheet

Skomer Live

There were some things that I really missed though! I am fascinated by seabirds but unfortunately lock down made it really hard to get to the coast with my binoculars! I’m Welsh and I feel very passionate about protecting the wild Welsh spots on my doorstep. One island just off of the coast of Pembrokeshire – Skomer Island – is a wildlife haven for seabirds! There you can see Atlantic Puffins, Manx Shearwaters, Kittiwakes and Storm Petrels! So over lock down I put together a series called Skomer Live. Why not watch an episode and tell me 3 things you have learned about Skomer Island???

https://www.facebook.com/LizzieDalyWildlife/videos/567907874091074/?v=567907874091074 Episode 13

Skomer LIVE: Episode 14

We’re LIVE now for the FINAL episode of #SkomerLIVE with Lizzie Daly!Coming up on today’s show… 🤩 Lizzie will be chatting LIVE to WTSWW’s CEO, Sarah Kessell, about the Trust and awesome series.😍 We’ll be looking at the best bits of the series.🐧 Our top 3 wildlife highlights. 🐦 New behaviour and firsts on the island!🎥 Island webcam highlights and update from our Manx Shearwater burrow.👫 We will also be going LIVE to our wonderful Skomer Island Wardens for the last time!Plus lots, lots more!Please comment below with your island wildlife questions for the Wardens!Skomer Island is lovingly managed by The Wildlife Trust of South Wales. As well as Skomer, the Trust also manages over 100 precious nature reserves across South and West Wales. The impact of COVID-19 has meant that the Trust has lost 50% of its income through tourism-related activities; including Skomer accommodation and landings, which is disastrous!

Posted by Skomer Island on Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Episode 14

Going Live with Scientists

Lock down was also interesting for me as a scientist! Suddenly everything had to be done from home online…but it didn’t necessarily mean I couldn’t stop learning and connecting with other scientists or learning about science! In fact during lock down I teamed up with National Geographic to chat to scientists from all over the world….

Life in the forest canopy

Life saving medicines

Coral reefs

Face to face with a bear!

So I hope there’s plenty of resources for you to learn from. From celebrating the local wildlife on our doorstep to venturing up into the forest canopies of Malaysia – there is so much to learn and the best thing is you can use all of these resources as part of your hours for your very own Youth STEMM Award!

Thanks all and speak to you all very soon!


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Lizzie is a biologist, naturalist and wildlife presenter from Cardiff. Having worked on CBeebies, CBBC, National Geographic and now for BBC Earth Unplugged, Lizzie hopes to inspire others to involve themselves in scientific endeavours. Lizzie is also an ambassador for the Jane Goodall Institute UK and the Marine Conservation Society. “It’s so refreshing to be hear about the Youth STEMM Award. This great initiative has a focus on pushing young people to work towards their passion. A curiosity for the natural world has got me to where I am today and finally there is an opportunity for future STEMMers that ensures they can flourish.”

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