YSA Juniors is an exciting way for children in Key Stages 2 and 3 to help develop their excitement, engagement and interest in the wonderful world of STEMM!

Did you know?
STEMM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine

“Do you think like a scientist? Because if you like to ask questions, listen to others, notice changes or simply let your mind wonder… then you already are! Science isn’t just a classroom subject, it’s a way of exploring and understanding the world you live in and YSA Juniors is your perfect companion on this adventure!

Think of YSA Juniors like a curiosity diary. Go out and discover something new, ask lots of questions, have a go yourself and share your findings with a friend! Soon you’ll have an activity sheet full of stickers to celebrate everything you’ve learnt and a brain bursting with ideas! Have fun and who knows what you’ll discover next!”

Maddie Moate

YSA Patron, broadcaster and presenter of CBeebies ‘Do You Know?’

What is YSA Juniors?

YSA Juniors is an exciting activity designed to help schools and families shape the STEMM experience that their children receive. We think the sooner the next generation of STEMM professionals get started the better. That’s why we have developed the YSA Juniors scheme, and targeted it at students aged 7 to 13. Spending time encouraging younger children to explore the amazing world of STEMM will develop their curiosity and ignite their passion, turning them into a YSA Junior!

How does YSA Juniors work?

Helping your YSA Junior to complete their journey couldn’t be easier. You decide whether what they do deserves a sticker, so you are in control of how hard they have to work, and what counts. We’ve given you some examples below, but you can also follow us on Twitter (@YouthSTEMM) where we will be sharing lots more ideas.

You can do one experiment or activity across a whole STEMM area, or you can mix and match. The only essential element is fun! We want YSA Juniors to help us all re-engage with the engineers, scientists, mathematicians, techies and medics hiding inside.

Each YSA Junior pack is £5.00 (P&P not included), and includes an A4 booklet to record their findings, a sticker card and sheet and a certificate and badge to award on completion of their journey.

When they have completed their achievement card you can award them their badge and certificate. Make an occasion of it! Present it at school, at home, at a party, in the park. Shout about it, tell their friends and family, make sure they are proud of their achievement and that they celebrate it.

And if they really love it… buy another pack and go again!

We hope you have a great time exploring the world of STEMM with your YSA Junior – there’s a marvellous journey ahead.

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Examples of activities


Sink or swim


Learn what the word density means


Explore which objects float and which ones sink in water


Predict which objects will float and sink


Explain why, using the idea of density


Computing computers


Learn what a computer is


Try to count the number of computers in your house


Work out how many computers there might be in your street


Explain the things computers have in common


Building bridges


Learn about the different types of bridges


Find out all the ways you can build bridges with straws
and sellotape


Try to build the longest bridge you can between two


Explain how you would make your bridge even better


Mixed model


Learn about the Fibonacci sequence


Explore the relationship between the circumference and
height of drinking glasses


Estimate the height of Big Ben – see how close you
can get


Explain what a prime number is to a family member


Saving lives


Be taught how to do CPR


Find out why CPR saves lives


Show you can do CPR


Teach a friend how to do CPR

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