How volunteering outside can open your eyes and mind

Posted by Tanisha | Tue, 21 Sep 2021

Tanisha, one of our Bronze YSA participants reflects on her time volunteering with the RSPB at one of their reserves:

I am working on gaining confidence and allowing my voice to be heard. I have a growth mindset which allows me to see the bigger picture. Therefore, I am participating in the Youth STEMM Award, and using this as a focus to help raise awareness for global issues that the world is currently tackling.

Currently, I am volunteering at the RSPB Centre near where I live. I really enjoy volunteering there with my sister, as we are surrounded by the glorious universe consisting of nature. It feels nice to be in an environment where other volunteers care about our planet and where passers-by are intrigued to learn more about insects and nature. A different realm, with no technology. Simply, just giving up three hours of our day to volunteer.

I enjoy doing creative writing and have entered a few competitions and have had my writing published three times in books. Recently, I entered the Chorus Voice Writing Competition in which you had to write about a business or a shop. I wrote about volunteering at the RSPB Centre Café and how amazing it is to see the beautiful sights that lay ahead of you through the windows and the variety of birds that fly past picturesque views. Also, I wrote a few sentences about my experiences of working there.

I wrote about volunteering at the RSPB centre, as I want others to understand that we must all start working together to impact global warming, create less pollution and so much more. I want to encourage other people to volunteer and help raise awareness, in a world that is battling many dilemmas. Moreover, children and teens may raise awareness through the use of creative writing to promote issues we are facing today.

Many people around the globe are taken over by technology. This is not a good influence on the next generations yet to come. The growth of technology is advancing over the years, yet many people misuse technology.

Read on to explore Tanisha’s creative writing…



My first day volunteering at the RSPB Centre, nearby my house. Beautiful, picturesque, aesthetic sights lay ahead of me. I gazed through the café window, reminiscing my childhood memories of coming to the valley from primary school. I had to serve customers in the café with the impelling hot cocoa aroma lingering around me. Smells mouth-watering. Steam rising from the cup and making me feel warm and cosy. Yet, tension arising within my blood whilst serving customers and reassuring them that their order is correct to their heart’s content.


In the valley, surrounding me, people from my community of Hamstead went on dog walks, or simply cycled to take their mind away from stress and wellbeing. There were many lakes for ducks and birds and even a few canals. On the other side of the reserve, lay ahead Forge Mill Farm. It is like a parallel universe. It felt amazing to be surrounded with animals and nature. In the summer, we also offer wildlife events for young children to engage with nature.

Raising Global Awareness

Therefore, I would like to do my bit and promote the global issues we are facing today with climate change, pollution and the other dilemmas that are awaiting to be solved. We must all do our bit and help save our planet. Every human has the power to make a difference.


Working with other volunteers makes me realise that there are other people out there in my community that do care about the issues we are battling linked to our actions. I want to embrace the picture that I wish to see the world as. Being in an environment enclosed with nature, feels wonderful. Each animal and creature stand out in their own ways. There are many adventures to trek onwards and diverge yourself into. Now it’s time to consort with us and advocate the tenderness of humanity…

By Tanisha

Author Biography

Tanisha is a Year 10 student, who is taking part in the Bronze Youth STEMM Award. She has a passion for Maths, Science & Computer Science. Alongside this, her hobbies are creative writing, netball, reading and painting.

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